Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I never felt this way before.
After what i've been through, I feel stronger that before.
I can feel that so many thing had change in my self.
maybe not 100% change.
But i've change.
No tears.
Full of revenge.
No symphatize.
No feelings.
Thats the good way to describe my self.
Im so sorry for all wrong doing before and NOW.
But i mean to do it.
Why im being like this?
It's because..
I already tired with this kind of things.
I think, this is the time i get myself better.
I wont think bout you.
I wont think bout your feeling.
You may feel what i feel before.
No picture No Text. No you.
Im sorry. And Thank you.

To this so-called person.
Thank you for being with me most of my time. :)

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