Friday, August 22, 2008


Hey you, i know you've been trough so many things this week. But, everything that happen to you is not the end of your life. You must be tough to faced it. You have too. Please stop crying. It will not change everything.

Seriously, please being tough. Jangan weak sgt okea. Show to peops out there, you can stand in your own feet. Jangan biar orang pijak kepala weyh. Until when you wanna be sad about this? Everything that happen has the own reason.

Its okea mydear, you still have your friends behind you. I always be with you when you happy or sad. I always be there for you okea? Yeap! I cant always be with you because SEGAMAT-SERDANG yang jauh tuh. Tp, boley je msg kan ;). You deserve to get a better one. Lagipon, you still have a long journey to go. At one moment, you'll find so many peoples. Tak semestinye kalau putus sekarang, confirm jadi andartu kan?

Heyhey. Chill okea. you dont need him. you know it very well. Die yang rugi. Bukan kau. Kau hilang die tak bermakne kau hilang semua kan? Still ade baby myvi, long life to go, and else yang kau ade sekarang. Lepas ni celebrate anniversary dengan aku k? :DD

Belle, take care okea? Jangan layan sangat perasaan tuh. Lagi fikir memang lagi sedih. Tapi sedih tu xlame pon sebenarnye. Be chill. Sape kate kalau nak lupe someone kene ade replacement. NONSENSE. Bukan orang yang control hati kite. Tapi kite sendiri. What ever happen berkaitan ni sekali pon, kau tak pernah rugi ape-ape. Takde kuar dwet hantaran, mas kahwin. haa! tak rugi kan? soooo- now. Enjoy your life okea. I really hope, i can have my old BELLE ;)

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