Friday, August 8, 2008


Great, Nice, Best damn thing.
Enjoy my weekend there.
Thanx a lot to my damn sweet hot friends - ety, nina, mimi. Not forget, Raja, Ricky, Dafi and also eddy :). *nape lah pakcik iqbal ni balik-
Thanx for da great weekend for me even ade sikit dissapointed because we cant watch the mummy.
All tickets until midnight sold out- gile la penduduk kuantan :D.
Change our plan, go to Jom heboh. What a funny place. Add on with VILLA SERAM yang memang seram untuk aku (saya penakut tentang itu ;D ) hihi.
Stay from Friday until Sunday. But, we really enjoy our time together :0
Miss all my friends there :)).
Finished a days with them is the best moment for me in Kuantan :DD
sayang mereka :DD

**sangat banyak untuk listkan sume yang berlaku.
To abang- AZALI, thanx for my dinner :DD. Aku datang nnt, belanje lagi yea? hihi
Love, love friend; wait for me this coming midterm break :D.
Kuantan again ya! Shopping!

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