Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Goodbye ;(

sangat hodoh kan begini? adoii-

senyum yang ikhlas macam ni la kn? :))

act ni yg btol2 ikhlas la. ;p

U may said im crazy or whatever it is by doing this action. But i love smile and show my blink-blink inside. It's my breces lah! i have to wear it since im in form4. And its already 3 years im wearing it. Ouh, im proud wearing this! My mom always said "cube senyum tu tutup mulut. malu je orang tengok". Ala- dont i look cacat if smile without showing my teeth? *look at my 1st pic. Only 30% people i met look nice by smiling like that. Yang selebihnye mmg sangat xkene la kn?

Yeah, sometimes, people will call me "echa pagar". I got that name from my sister in law.*ex sister in law :) . Or the other name is "echa gigi besi". haha! I do love that name. So what. Im using it. So, i dont care if people wana call me with that name. It's more better than people call you bitch or something yang lagi terok kan?

Day, to day. And tomorrow is the day. Kene cabot breces ni esok!! MAYBE!! and im sooo sad okea? Then i have to wear retainer and after a few month my teeth is free. Sure i'll feel uncomfortable damn much. Besi dah xde. And my smile will not shining anymore. Adoii- How do i look without this besi yang orang selalu cakap 'you look cute with this'. *idc if die tipu ke ape! No shining smile anymore. No echa pagar anymore. hadoyai-

Okea-okea. I know you'll say im jongang that's why im wearing breces. But, tah la. For me,my teeth just jarang-jarang *its not backup my self ok. Tak jongang pon. U may look at my old pic before im wearing this sweet besi ;). *sorry i dont have it now. I'll post when i have one.

This coming hari raya. Im not the one who very vouge la kan. Because no colour on my teeth anymore. OMG, i really sad. Im gonna leave this steel tahan karat at the clinic and the doctor will throw it away. Tamatlah riwayat besi ni. Haih- Sayang lah kan.
Whatever it is. Life must go on. I do love it but i have to let it go :( like what i have done 2 weeks past. ahh- aku dah mula melelong. It's about breces. NOT personal problem. Im happy- yeah! chill, chill ;))

Haha- yeah. Im going crazy. Pasal besi yang ni pon nak kecoh kan aku ni? So what. my blog, my post. Who care right? :))
goodbye breces ;(

3 complain(s):


its true??
arini laa wei ko buang breces tu??
mmg sad abes la wei
sllu senyum ko yg ade besi tuu laa
wat ak ingt ttg ko..
ko senyum mcm dlm ym tuu..
tapiiii,tmbh laa besi..
ecyha!! ambk gambar bnyk2 ngn gigi tu..
nnt show wit me yerr..
yer2 ko tuu
kang xpsl tkr breces warna purple plk..
-the end-

a fan of ur breces;))

me, i am :

jadi bukak breces lah! sgt happy :). dr kate lepas raye lah. bg aku vouge2 dulu raye nih. muahahaha!

ayyman rahim.

hahahahaha. tu la, rindu nak tgk braces. bkn rindu aishah, tp rindu braces. haha sakai.