Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finally, Obviously, Luckily, Definitely

It's Sooooooo Overr and im happy with it.
I got my life back, i got my day back.
I got everything that i missed back.
All. Laugh, Joy, Money-money, talkactive :p
Damn satisfied ;)
All things had been settled before i start my class.
Which means, I can go trough my day at campus with joy.
JOY? yeah, i hope so.
One of my problem's is i still cant change my perception about SEGAMAT.
That place was sooo boring. *im the one who feel it i guess.

Happiness comes again.
And i've been trough this holiday with a very big,big smile :))
I can throw away the bad feeling.
I live with full of spirit.
The day was so amazed. Laugh, smile, and so on comedies.
Its great ;DD

Segamat had called my name.
The day will come. Two days left.
I have to go back to Segamat this sunday. :(
That's not make me happy.

The main reason i've been sad that make me weak for a couples of week.
*Only some people know about this.
I already can accept it now.
I'll try to change myself.
To become more, more, and more tough.
I have too.
Im happy for this recovered.
Im happy for this changes.
I still hope the best one.
Im happy that i still have one :)

Everything be more better that before.
This holiday gives me thousand of peaceful.
With friends, Peoples that i love, that always be with me ;)
Thanks for that poeps :D
My bad month stopped here.

Tears go when smile come.
I hope this tears will never ever come again.
fullstop sadness.

*xreply comment pon ;(

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