Monday, August 18, 2008


AUGUST. Bad month for me. So many bad things happen in this august. Personal things, Campus, Study, Friends, Money, Time. Wah- everything have made me going crazy and crazy and worst! Month full of tense, sad, and unhappy. Not just happen to me. But also to my friends, Kebetulan kot. But, what i wanna say now, AUGUST is a bad month for this year. Damn, damn sux oke. Haih, Too many things to be trough. Too many problems to face and solve. And i already tired with all this sux things. Lepas satu- satu. Non stop problem. Now, midterm break. I hope i can face it in peaceful. Im crying everynight before because of the stress i had. Yelah, banyak sangat bende happen sampai xley control. Sangat penat sem nih ;( . Crying change nothing. Im Not feeling more better pon. hurh! Sadness, please go away. And i wanna enjoy my break in happiness. :) Eventough i dont have any plan for this holiday. haha- I have but im totally broke. So, i cant go anywhere. Sorry Kuantan. Echa will not come to you. Bad, sux u may go. It's time for me to cheer up myself. hihi

Life must go on. Ade hikmah disebaliknye kott. haha! But, now- i already at home sweet home. And all my stress already gone. I leave everything at SEGAMAT. NO rushing,NO assigment, NO time for study *test aku bersepah naik cuti ni :s and the most important thing is TAK PAYAH ikat perot lagi. All foods here *kat rumah la kan is free 24/7. So i can eat whatever i want, whenever i want. haha- On9 24/7 at home. Boring lah! Belle, nape la kau tak cuti. hadoyy.

Dear TIME.
Please walk slowly so that i can stay at home and enjoy my holiday without thinking "im going back tomorrow". ppffftt

I feel a bit excited on this break. because of what? i dont know. But i always wake up in the morning, sometimes afternoon with a big smile *sambil check fon- haha! siodd.padahal xde pape pon.

im happy with my life.
im happy today, tomorrow, everyday.
i wont let my tears fall again. :)

3 complain(s):


ak ingt ak sorg jerr kott
bermasalah bln 8 nii..
ko pown sama..
ak phm2..
ak lg laa..
asgmnt,frenz,wet pown naek pulus..uhuhu
mcm2 laa berlaku sem ni..
ape laa nseb kt ekh


gile jodoh orang orang malang ni


homosapien? sape nihh?