Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today, going to KLCC.
Watching 2 movies.
Im not single + Journey to the bla bla *xingat tajuk berjela
Spending a day with anis.
Not a day pon. Half day je kott. haha-
I didn't spend much money for today.
sebabnye, lunch and ticket for Im not Single kak long yang support :)
Sooo tired.
But, puas hati dah dapat tengok im not single :D
Before going back home, meet imran and acid at Putra LRT.
Imran is anis petbro friend.
He called me "akak" and i really feel old with that name. hikk :p

Thing that i hate most.
But i have to face it everyweek.
Im going back to segamat tomorrow.
SEGAMAT again.
And i feel like "kejap nye weekend"
I feel like year to finished a day when im in Segamat.
But i feel a day is like a minute when im at home.
WTF weekdays!

Class, Assigment, Quiz,Ko.
Hate that much.
Last Friday is Qmt quiz. But i dont have any idea with my answer.
taram je kot yang teory question. ggrrr
I already lost my confident to my study.
haih :(

btw,14 aug is my mid term break.
so, i just think so many plan for a week.

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