Friday, July 4, 2008

Today lagi.


Kak rozi with her new born baby :)

tadaa! ini baby nye. baby boy.

Kak Rozi's first daughter. Iris

welcome home baby :)

Excited gile budak ni dapat baby :)

Im going to Segamat today for my registration. Then, After the registration, im going back to Kl. Spending my weekend at Segamat. Ouh, it's Sux :). I am so ti
red today. Angkat barang yang tah berapa kilo tuh. Naik tangga tinggi2 lagi. Adoi sangat penatt. On the way back tuh, stopped at tangkak for lunch. i eat nasi campor but i didn't finished it. Kurang selera. huu~ Before going home, go to Hospital Pakar AnNur hasanah at bandar baru bangi. My cousin birth her second baby. Boy! Belum ade name lagi. Yeay! Bertambah lagi anak saudara aku! Going home after visit her. I still have to go back to Segamat. My bus at 5 pm on sunday. Damn. malas gile. adoi

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