Wednesday, July 2, 2008

rawk again ;)


DATE : 30 JUNE 2008

Jengjeng! Scandal ke? :D

BowBowLingLing Time :p

Ayep, full concentration. Is him going to win? ngeh ngeh. Not at all.
wait for his Pizza :D

Ayep, Accept the fate. My point more high than u. ;)

Wan *Ethree student, Most funniest players.
U can see how funny he throw the ball. stylo. Tp satu pin pon xjatoh. :DD

Syamil *left && Chod *right, show thier talent :p. Chod is the champ :p

Not in the pic : aku lah! grr. nadd mawu gamba oo.
OTW to BB's pizza. Ayep && nasrun akan payung makan :DDD nyumm

Nard lah! hee :D *only me && her the girls :D

Chody Chod ;)

Zahid si kecik Efour. He's the youngest one ;)
*belakang tuh Cik Din

Mereka : alien di kelas. asyik nk bahan org je.
But without them. Kelas xbest weyh! :DD
Zul,Syamil, Ayep

lepak-ing : BB pizza. Da macam mapley da kitorg buat :DD

Nasrun mkn sgt banyak oke? More than 3 piece pizza. adoi

makan makan time ;)
From right : Nasrun *zul's+ me friend, Zul, so called-zul friend 1, So- called Zul friend 2, Cik din a.k.a Wan *Zul's + me Friend, Zahid

Si Gadis Efour *Echa + Nard

Wan *Ethree, Zul, Zahid, Ayep, Syamil

Chod menyorok. can see his ass? haha

Efour JEJAKA *Wan tersesat :D

Everythis was doing great and funn! hihi. well, my classmate. Chaos sgt sgt. But that's us. Either u like or not. we all being ourself. Kecoh di Pizza hut, macam mapley dah. we dont even care. haha. Thanx for the most happiness reunion. Lawak korg mmg kentang kelakar. Pecah perot weyh. Zul's friend sume kate kite best. That's true. We are the best guys. Wish can meet ALL of you again. :))

Miss you

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