Thursday, July 3, 2008

I am an art people?

im bored by watching tv's all the day.
I cant on9 because no streamyx here.
im at my unt house at cheras. stay there since last night.i had breces appoiment.
after my appoiment, straight going to my unt house.
the clinic is just infont of my unt house.
im feeling bored. my cousin's are not at home.
Then, Fara*my cousin, coming back from school.
"echa, nape xcolour lagi?"
"tggu kau la. aku xtau kau letak colour kat mne"
"klu comot aku penggal kepala kau taw!"
"im good in this. dont worry"
*pandai2 je. padahal xde experience langsung :D
Yeah2, forgot to tell. Last night before sleep, i offer myslef to colour her arts project.
She say, yes i can. Im happy because im sure i'll fell damn bored like hell today.
So, she take out his paint,and other things.
And im started coloured.
i dont have any experience in arts. Im not good in painting because it's really messy.
But, lucky to her. Suddenly i feel like i wanna try to finished this :)
So, i stared at 1.30pm.
Here i come. Arts peops :))

Tadaaa! i have to colour the whole board oke?
And i prove to her i can do it better like her too.
tggi die lebih dr paras pinggang aku.
But,im satisfied. I can finished it in 4hours.ngee
Just, i cant coloured the words and the phone pic.
My mum have wait me outside. And i have to go home.
The rest, im happy with my own work ;)