Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Suraya canteque


Last memories*

SURAYAHANI. Nice name. Meet her at school. At first i know her from Farah Ain, one of my friend at technic. Lepak-ing at canteen to take my lunch *i never ate at the Dewan Makan because it's damn fucking dirty :S. Meet her at canteen, she wait for his family to took her back. *she still waiting for her rayuan asrama. Talk-talk *had to be peramah :) and started being friends. At first we just bertegur sapa je bile jumpa, and everything was change when she stay at hostel and her dorm was next to mine. We started closed. And we have 7 of us. I closed to her more than others. Sangat satu kepala even die muda setahun ;) . That time belle was not at that school anymore. So, i just spending my time with her and another 5 more friends. Ate, Going to school, Pangkah Senior, Kutuk2 this and that senior. haha That's us. My group *maybe i can called it group hate++anti senior. Being nice but just pretend nice. Most senior hated me and suraya. They think we are the leader in making problem and said aku SOMBONG. babikau fffft. But i dont care. Dont even scared to those seniors yang bajet otai tuh. Because i know, whatever happened to me i still have Suraya :)

Suraya, Suraya. We just like more than a twin right. I loved you much. As much as you told that you love me too. All things we've been trough together. Only us! Happiness, Sadness, Jealousy. I admit, i felt soo jealousy when you with other peops. Same as what you feel when i with another friend. Yeah, we both love eachother so much. I dont care about what people said. I just know that i have a very great moment when we're in form 4. Skip class. Go to academic block during after school day or weekend. Lepak-king. *konon-konon nak study kat block academic. but actually teman kau dating. :D. Senior always attacked us for doing that thing. We as a junior, cannot dating2, lepak kat kelas after sekolah, tak balik dorm, tak tidur kat dorm, bangun lambat and mandi after 6am or pm. WE LOVED TO DO THAT. Kene marah because of all those stupid things ryte? I dont know what that stupid senior think about SENIORITY. What did they get? Everyweek got row-call until midnight. Me and Suraya hate it very much. And always buat2 tidur. Im really sad for having that stupid senior actually *oopss! Sorry for those yang berkaitan :D.

Suraya, my crime partner. We've cant live without eachother at that school i guess. I need her, and she need me. Know what? "You always said my face same like you ex-hostelmates Azreen. And i feel hurh! Minah tu lagi! grr. Then everyday go to public before maghrib to call Jaja. hurh! Again!! I know all them is your ex. Sengal betol." what ever it is, me and her have a great time during that time

But everything has changed when i accept ajim as my bf. It's her plan actually. couple with ajim and live with peace. That time, she with Bambee. Then, time we most wait. End of school holiday and School season start. We really miss eachother damn much. So we cant wait to go to school ;). Sounds crazy. We loved too because there's no stupid senior will disturb us again. Kene pangkah for a year with that crazy senior girl and Azam and the gang was really bad memories. But i loke it! *beriya je. sebulan nangis2 nak balik padahal :DD. Then, then our day trough so great. But sorry to Suraya, I cant put her in the same block with me. She and Jojo. Tercampak ke blok P and Q. SORRY Suraya. *I am a prefect for aspuri. so i've made the dorm arrangement for student. Suraya terasa bout tu. And suddenly she try to go away from me. In a short time, we didn't talk to each other, and she go to another group :( im really sad with that. I still remember her promised that she never leave me, and broke our friendship. But that's what she did. :'((

Days without her, was the fucking days i ever had. I saw her smile, I saw her laugh. But both its not for me. 1 day like a year i have to wait. confused, why she suddenly change like that. Sad, frust, and feeling down. I lost my friend just like that. Then, i've made a decision. I'll never ever forgive her. Eventough my heart was screaming her name, but i dont wanna show to her that im weak without her. She just like a sister to me. And i really love her. I have asked her, to be with me in every single moment. She say yes. Im happy to hear that. But it's not long. Fight for 9 months. haih, hard to describe with word how it feeling. It feel like you have lost you boyfriend i guess.

9 months has passed. Week before spm i choose to say sorry to her. OMG. i still remember that night. It's like a drama. Crying, Hugging, Thousand word of sorry we said. Hurh, I really miss her soo much. I pretend to be happy. Pretend to be okay without her. The truth, it's all plastic! then i choose to stay at her dorm. That decision have make my other friend unsatisfied. I dont care. All these days, i dream to be friend with suraya again and that time nobody can stop me. So im happy to spend a month maybe with her before we leave our school season. Yeap, we are the most person in the world that time.

It's almost two years we leaving school. Me and suraya doest not happy like before. jarang sangat2 msg. Sometimes i can feel she try to run away from me. Did'n answer my call, or even replying my text. I dont know why. She always said, i just looking for her when i have a problem with ajim. No im not. i always remember her as 1 of my best friend. Maybe she too jealous and still cant accept i still with ajim.

Nevermind. I know she wont read this. But, she is the friend that i really missed right now. And she is the one who must be my pengapit on my marriage :). I hope she always remember that i love her soo much. Thanks for everything. Everysingle thing you do to me. Always beside me when im cry, take care of me at technic before, keep my secret and soo many thing you have done. Thank you so much :)


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