Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Port Dickson

Jojo, Zira, Alin, Khalida
*thx to khalida album's

Not in da pic; Mienah, echa (aku la) *sbb kami xpegi

Hey guys. Looks like your holiday was really great last weekend. Sorry for not joining your holiday. Im interested to go. But, tah la. Macam not interested pon ade jugak. sorry yeah. Even i told you guys i'll join. I know i will feel uncomfortable going there. Maybe uncomfortable to be with you *berkaitan post sebelum ni. So dari aku merosakkan holiday korang better aku tak pegi. Same je kan aku ade ke tak. Selama ni, aku pon tak selalu bersama korang. You guys still happy jugak right? Dont worry. Maybe one day i'll join you back. But i dont know when. haha One day i promised. Ape-ape pon. You guys will be my flower girl on my marriage nnt. Ajim kate 6 years from now *doa jodoh dengan ajim k? huhu. That time kot kite ley spend time together? I'll bring you guys long for my honeymoon oke? hikk. stupid dream . Sorry again for not joining you. Maybe next time. Hari tu tak join aku dengan minah g genting kan. haa, kan aku da tak join korang last week. hihi. Ini bukan balas dendam oke. just kebetulan ;)

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