Sunday, June 8, 2008

Looser! Looser!!

2.93. dont you think it's sucks? with 1 repeat paper which is mat126.hurgh, WHAT THE FUCK echa?! why you failed that tough subject? it is mathematic okea?dont you study? dont you do much exersize? you can get 3 point atleast okea if you pass that subject. now, ha server you right. you have to take that paper back next semester. ouh, dont you feel ashame with your junior? you have to take same class with them? stupid of you echa. 2.93, how you gonna tell mama. "ma, i just get 2.93. and i failed 1 paper which is math". you cant be proud with the A's you get. 3 je baru.Subject senang boley la kau dapat.ouh echa, so stupid you are.look at anis, she can get 3.02 and B for her mat. you? you? dont give me any more reason."anis pernah belaja,anis dah blaja dulu kat kpm". so so? you have to learn twice then you can get more? you make me down. you got 3.51 at shahputra. why cant you hold that good result? it is too bad oke with 2.93. you are looser! looser! looser! fuck on you echa. lazy to study. you have 5 days gab between AIS and MAT. what did you do that time? crying all the days, for the whole week for something that useless. then now, is that thing will help you now? think too much! crying too much. dont blame anybody for you mistake. this is your mistake. spending your week with tears for something unbenefitial. now, did that unbenefit things help you on your exam? hah, hell not! so tupid you are echa. i know, you've trough the hard day when bimbim asked you to go. you cant even concentrate to your study. you sucks echa. why have you think bout that much.sedangkan die kat sane,okay je.kau je yang over feeling. you spoiled your own result. now, nobody will help you. you think bout it. you keep thinking bout it more than you study. hurh, now you still got nothing. you still live with tears. you still unhappy. you still nothing to him. add with this bad result you get. shame on you. malu la sikit dekat aki. he gor 3.12 for his final. eventough he take Art n design course. malu dekat arep. im sure he got 3 something too. echa memang bodoh! useless echa! you dont deserve accountancy course. bodoh

im so sorry to get this bad result.
i never tought i'll get only 2.93.
i promise. i will study hard. concentrate on my study.
leave all mess thing behind.xmenguntungkan langsung
i will try my best to get atleast 3 pointer for next semester.
i will trying hard for those 7 subject.
hurh, im bad. i'll try my best.
dear friends out there. pls pray for me.
mom, im sorry. i'll do the best. i promised.
im really upset with this too.
thousand of regret.
im sorry. im sorry.
chance to transfered Melaka,40-60
sorry bim.
damn sad :((

2 complain(s):

No Need 2 Know.

dip in accountancy is one of the hardest course in uitm.
Well, uitm made it hard la one thing.
but hey, nex sem u'l b better.
tapi next sem is harder.
micro econs and far.
statistics is easy, u just really need to do exercises.
seriously. u need to b familiar. each questions are related.
so gudluck lolo :)
ps= i go tru same sort of probs. love is love. study is study. and study is far more important than love. rmmber that, even how hard it will take for u to focus.

friend of a friend

its not really hard if you just keep on the right track and keep up
dont ever ever let silly things like love ruin you
love, you fail, you can find another
study, you fail, you will never imagine the consequences of it
trust me
whatever it is,
good luck! (: