Tuesday, June 10, 2008

God, save Mama please :(

Mama not feeling well. she just come back from the hospital. Doctor said, mama got a kidney problem. Ouh god, why mama have to trough all this pain? eventough the doctor said, it not too serious but,i feel sorry to her. how im gonna live without my dear mama? i really love my mum :( . all these day, she had trough a hard time. to raised me without any help from men. i know, she's is really tough to face all that. but, she still a woman. kuat mane sangat perempuan ni. hurh, ma im sorry for all those thing i've done that hurting you. i always pray for your good health mama :). i love you <33

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eh tak bgtau ko ade blog! hee. mak ko sakit? xpe, aku doakan mak ko sihat je slalu. :)