Saturday, June 7, 2008


Azaly, 20, Seremban/Kuantan

i got all this from him :))
hey you bro! thanks for this oke?
and also for spending a day with me at Mid Valley.
Know him when i in Kuantan (im studying there before). he is my senior. i in semester 1, and he in semester six. It's all started when he added me on myspace (btol la place to find friend). started from that, we keep contact eachother. dont get wrong,we are just friend. and he just like a brother to me, and he called me "adik" sometimes. kitorang ckp aku kau ok? bukan abang adik. we started close from day to day. he treat me well. help me a lot, especially when i have a problem. he not helping me solve it, but he cheer me up when i feel sad. thanks to you bro :). he is sooo damn funny. the way he talked, the way he babble, the way he give me some advise and more. he's like a clown lah! :DD sorry :)). until now. we still be friends. he is a nice guy. eventough sometimes he wont help but, i comfort to talk to him. about this, about that. but not all things pon. i wont talk about love with him coz he will say "ko ni ape la, menggelabah je tu" and bla bla bla. haih, he wont help on that. Now, thanks to this Azaly for giving me that nice present. :) finally i got my flip flop after im waiting for 2 month i guess :DD

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