Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day to go

6 more day to go. Going back to Segamat on Friday. ouh, Godd! I really hate this. I feel so down and down and and and seriously down. That means, i have to continue my study there. THERE? SEGAMAT? Ouh, Segamat. What a very nice place for those loved environment. Nak tak nak kene pergi jugak lah. Killer subject are waiting for me. Eco, Mgt, Statistic and mostt killing me, Mat. Haih, hate that subject much lah.

Previous Subject.

BEL 120 : Quite oke lah. Lecturer pon sgt funn even kuat celoteh. A+ for this paper.
CTU 101 : Tuah je got A for this paper. Got hint question. memanglah.
FAR100 : Give damn much effort for this paper. B+ only for me. oke lah. I dont have any basic.
AIS 130 : Going crazy. @.@. Got B only.
MAT126: Struggle too much. tak tido, study pye psl. UNEXPECTED! i failed :,( D+ for this. hmm
HBU 110 : Kesatria. LOVED to attend cz ZAIM my cutest comander :DD *not available*

*Carrymark help me much to get A. Good presentation in class, Do homework, assigment i guess. Im not good in bodek2 lecturer. Luck je kott. So for this coming Semester, what will i have? MOST important subject, MAT 126 which i have to repeat. grrrrr And i also have this :

This coming semester subject.

ECO 162 : Struggle for this. Have to Understand. ME? UNDERSTAND?
MGT 153 : Hate to memorize, hate to read.wt*** but i have too.
QMT 181 : Hopefully not so complicated like Mat 126.
CTU 151 : Again! Hope not sleepy and fell asleep like before ;)
FAR 150 : I'll try my best to hold with B+. But, i'll do more effort to get atleast A-
BEL 260 : Got A+ on my 1st Semester. had to maintain. Susa kott nak maintain.
MAT 126 : FINALLY! LUCKILY! grr. had to see this paper and maybe the same lecturer again.@.@

Pack timetable for me this sem. Not like previous sem. Heaven weyh! Asal petang je tdo. Not for this sem. Had class until 6pm. yaiyy! sleepy ;\ . So, so sleep early then i would not get tired on the class. And and, sure less less my lunch. I ate Nasi penuh with 3 or 4 macam lauk before ;DD. Make me feel slleepy bile perot kenyang :DD

Going back everyweek. SURE! No doubt with that. To my KP. Plz dont do our test on weekend. I wanna go back lah. Pls yeah :). TQ

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i noe u can lah dear!

ari tu silap ckit je.
klaw x kamu dah lepas taw.

do ur best 4 new sem oke ?