Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Date,,

just coming back from mid valley. hang out with my dearests :), really have a great day today.i wake up at 9.30. sooo early than always.nak keluar penye pasal ape pon sanggup :p. go to bath. siap-siap,ready to go.fara has wait me outside.we going to the jom heboh first.that is my first time go to jom heboh.goshh!i knew it.too many peops there.a mother with her child yang berderet tuh.how come they could bring a baby to that place.kesian to that baby.panas, orang ramai,uncomfortable ryte?haiiyoo.we just look around for half an hour.than we took a star to bandar tasik selatan.then ktm to mid valley.i felt so hungry.macam nak pengsan je berdiri dalam train tu lame-lame.arrived mid,straight to the GSC.we wanna watched Indiana Jones.anys doesn't arrived yet.we take our lunch first.bla,bla,bla.our movie is on 2.30.while waiting them,kite shopping!! :DD i buy a shirt.then,rambang mata lagi nak beli yang lain.my god.i dont have much money to buy all things.mentang-mentang sale.ngahaha

2.30. anys and sue was here.buy popcorn,then masukk.Indiana jones.best.eventough more talk bout history,but funn la.not a serious movie actually.we enjoy watching it :D .movie abess.then find coffee bean.anys wana meet her friend there.bla,bla,bla da jumpe,go to pizza hut.makann timee! :p
eventough i had a nasi ayam for my lunch,but my perot masih berkeroncong kelaparan.wahh!perot mak gajah.perot suda kenyang.time to go home :)

*no pic for this time.still waiting for anys to send. :DD i'll update ASAP :p

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