Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vacation :DD

Im just coming back from pangkor last night. i have a family day there. it's quite funn there. :) actually, i wanna wrote something before i go, but my internet broke down suddenly. harhh! sgt tension mase tuh. i am so excited because my cousin come along with me. :DD i pack my things. i dont bring to much clothes because i wont mandi laut. i not jaga kulit or takut hitam ok? just not feeling comfotable in sea. nanti mesti tegaru-garu macam berukk :)) . everybody is ready. wahhh! a lot of thingss! lot of beg.
' diorang ni nak pergi 3 hari or 3 bulan?'
food, food and food. haih. then, 2 beg for 1 person.
'muat ke masuk bas ni? larat ke nk angkat?'

messy room ; find shirt, keep stuff
cousin bagg :))

my bag :)

look at that? haih. my room become victim. luckily bibik clean it up. that only the teenagers bag. :DD . then ;

12.00 am : waiting for the bus outside my house.

12.30 am : bus arrived. teros gerak

01.00 am : talking on the phone , messeging, sleep.

01.30 am : stop at the rawang rnr about 15 min. buy sandwich to eat.

05.00 am : arrived lumut. i have to wake up because the driver wanna go back to KL.

07.15 am : looking for a restaurant. taking our breakfast. tired :

tired face. sgt penat. dont get enough sleep

08.30 am : ferry arrived. otw to pulau pangkor. feeling happy :))

09.00 am : arrived pangkor. take a bus to our chalet.

09.45 am : im there, check in room. feeling tired. tertidur plak.

14.00 pm : cousin kejut. ask for a lunch. i go to bath. ready.

14.30 pm : ate at this kedai. fffff.. xley bla btol layanan die. i order fried rice with chicken. yeww!xsedap.

04.00 pm : go back to room. change clothe for mandi laut. (only my cousin :D )

05.00 pm : ade game. i have to take part. boredd. mama force me :

muke saya sangat ketatt :

06.00 pm : finished the game. i going back to room. take bath. then watchin tv.

08.00 pm : mama call. we going out for dinner. gile bapak rami org :)

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