Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Day At Hospital Serdang

Im going to hospital serdang with my mum and my grandma and my cousin, juju. Juju had a minor breast operation. I have to wake up early than always. I sit at the day care ward, while waiting for a nurse calling juju. Around 8.30, first patient going in. Maybe another 1hour, is juju's turn. but, it's not like i think. The nurse called second patient named, and it's not juju. Haimeyh, i have to wait lagi. It's 9.30 already. Im tired sitting on a chair since 7.45 by doing nothing. Juju lie on the bed, while me and nenek sit beside her. Feeling bored. Hungry. haiya, i didn't eat anything before come. just drink hot choclate. and my stomach sing dangdut song. In my mind just think about food. Mama call me, asked that juju have go in or not. i said no. mama asked me to go to the cafe, for breakfast, and but something for nenek. the nurse come to juju's bed and took her to the operation room. i going down to the cafe. i text ogy, my friend live near my house. he just finished his spm and working part time as a security there. i tell him, im going down for breakfast. he wait me at loby, then we go to the cafe together. mama have wait for me there. after breakfast, mama told me that uncle suhaime (juju's father) and jiji ( juju's sister) will arrived soon. so i have to wait them at the loby. they arrived around 11, meet them then i took them to the ward. juju still in the operation room. we wait at the rest room. wah! im tired. then tetido plak. around 12.40 juju came out. she still sleep. around 5, she can deischarge. thx. im happy can going back home. a day at hospital were really tired for me. wee ;p

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