Saturday, May 31, 2008

Date for tomorrow

tomorrow i have a "date" with my sony sisters. im so excited to meet them :). sue will coming to KL from muar. and we've plan to lepak-ing at klcc maybe. she will stay here for maybe a couple of day. cant wait to meet them. really mish them soooo much.we just plan for watching some movie, maybe la. but tomorrow is saturday, sure klcc will full of peops. school holiday plakkk.sure klcc pack with high school student. haha baut, nvm la. they need to go out jugak. i do the same thing when i still schooling :D. sue arrived maybe around 1 something. me and anis will pick her there and go back to anis house. then, straigt to klcc. haiimeyhh. what movie they want to watch tomorrow. pls, pls, pls jgn yg scary-scary.haha. im not a brave person to watched that :). indiana jones. sounds great :). hayh! i want to sleep now. tomorrow i have to wake up early. excitedd sgttt!!

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