Saturday, May 31, 2008

Date for today

haiimeyh. todays date was cancelled.time to spend was to short. sue maybe arrived around 2 something. then, go back to ampang, and go out again. too rush maybe.so todays plan cancelled.sad larh.im so excited to meet them.but nvm :) i'll meet them tomorrow :) at jom heboh. maybe it some place you'll think "jom heboh?yeww!" but its ok.sue comes from muar.we just wanna spend all day with her.

hey my sony sister.wait for tomorrow ok?sony siblings gonna rawkk the world!FYI,we always like this.if plan something too early,the plan sure,sure,sure cancelled :D.last minute plan will be done.haha

p/s: anyss,sue mish you both sooo much! see you tomorrow! :DD

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