Friday, May 23, 2008

Boring :|

Today was very bored day. i wake up at 2.30 and straight to bath. after that, im taking my lunch. my mum cooked simple menu today. after taking my lunch, i sit infront of my notebook, and started online.haih, anis did not online today. maybe her internet still prob. then i just on my notebook, while im watching television. no best movie for today.argh! what im going to do now. going out. ouh, paly going back to kedah today. maybe he is on his way to kedah. i watched diari akademi.xkesa la dari xde buat pe. it's 5 o'clock. i want to sleep but i not sleepy. haih. what else i can do now. sit back infront my notebook. seeing, did anybody have drop me any comment or not. i have 1. but i dont know that person. malas la nk reply. azali was online. he buzz me on ym. but we just chat for a while. he need to study. he had an exam tomorrow. okea. i leave my notebook, then i watched tv again. until night. 9.30 my mum asked me to buy mee goreng. she asked me to cook actually but i think, better i buy than cooked. haha. mee goreng is ready, going back and eat. then i watched tv again. no best movie. alamak. gile bapak boring. tak tau nk buat ape. online again. until now. still bored. chatting with my friend. but dont know wana talk bout what. hurm.

p/s: why meyh. today was so bored. eventough i sms with bimbim. but no special thing for today :

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