Sunday, December 16, 2007

little princess "eycha"


wawawa~ this gurl name
eycha.. huhu nothing special with diz gurl act.
but she's wearing a
breces!!haha im studying at kolej shahputra kuantan. wut a fuck place i guess. haha bored gle kat sne. im taking multimedia course. xley bla wat animasi2 neh. hehe. then erm i have a boy.
his name
bimbim. i'll tell bout him in next blog keyh? wee. im 18 diz year. styill sweet and cute/ xley bla gle. i have no sibling. alone je. then i like 2 sleep. i can be da next sleeping beauty. im sure u'll agree with me when u see im sleeping. haha i am a jealousy person. seyes meyh. huhu n then a bit sensative. but i like talk much. merapu act. ngehe~ i dunno wut 2 tell bout me then. only people who owez with me noe me better. haha im a headstone. my mum owez said "perangai aisy ni sebijik mcm ayah" ngahaaa my parent da divorce actually. n i live with my mum ryte now. at Serdang. i fogot 2 mention dat. hee urm~ wutever it is im hepi with my life now. evntough i owez cry bout love. hurm i cant talk mach bout dat. i jus luv my love bimbim now. ;D

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