Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i want all of u noe diz;important


first thing i wanna tell u;diz boy name azim abdul razak.he's 18 n now studying at uitm melaka;masscomers. everybody call him ajim but me;his special call him bimbim;oh dear ;) i dunno how i can falling in love with him.but i rally in love wiyh him!hee i noe him at teknik kuala selangor.which im studying there when im form 4.first time i meet him at orientation.did u believe he got a "junior paling macho at teknik kuala selangor".time 2 rase cam nak muntah gile.in my heart im saying "how can diz kind of boy get dat title.xlayak betol!" haha n satrting from dat day im satrting hate him.me n my group anti him much.bile teserempak 2 rase cm nak cungkil2 je bijik mate die 2.mmg benci tahap cipan la.n i adalah orang yg plg benci die.i dunno y,but i really hate him.hate 2 see his face.hee then mid year,his fren come n c me."echa,ajim nk couple gn ko" haha tyme 2 rase cm nk gugo jantong.but i jus say "sory'i already have a bf" ngehee padahal dlm ati da mencarot2 cz terasa dibahan oleh membe2 ajim yg menyakitkan ati 2.wakaka
but believe or not?end of form4,i accept him 2 be my boy.
i dunno y i may say yes 2 him.hurm i falling in luv with him.n sart from dat day,i can sleep ty8 cz owez think bout him.mkn xknyg,mandi xbsh,tido xlena.haha i da angau!

now we still together;4 me he is da best thing in my life.i luv being with him n i owez wanna b at his side.i owez wanna b with him.pejam celik,we getting together for 2 years.rase cam kejap je.day 2 day my love 2 him become more.hurm i really luv him much.evryday i'll mish him,and think of him.trust or not im going crazy if i wont hear something from him. i like 2 hear he said "i love u LoLo"

gosh;he is my prince,my beloved prince;bimbim