Tuesday, December 18, 2007





im studying at shahputra kuantan;da place dat i think not really have much place 2 lepak-lepak. now im juz finished my final exam n my sem break juz started. 1st impression from me at diz college is;yew!wut kind of place is diz?da hostel only god noe how pack is it.too crowded n always blackout. pity 4 student who's taking office management coz they cant finished their typing assg. im taking multimedia course n its quite relax. dun have much assg. diz course need ur kreativiti 2 do some anime,video clip and more. honestly i dont like diz course.shit! im in class dskm 1b,luckily i have frens in dat class.1st day getting 2 da class,everybody were looking at me like i come from other planet. but i juz ignore them.i sit beside my fren mimi. i meet her when da 1st day orientation+ start from there we become fren.then days afta i meet ety n nina. haha they make me crazy there. serious. they chill me up there. afta dat we be a close fren but we juz close. its 2 early 4 me 2 say they are my bestie. ety,nina,mimi; thx 4 being my fren there.wink~

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